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About us

We are, in simple terms, people who are nuts about cars, specifically 80's German cars. We are living a dream, or as some people will say, taking the risky path of turning a passion into a business. 

The company was formed in early 2009, driven by Turk's relocation to NJ, combined with Levent running out of space for cars and parts at his residence. When a local garage became available we saw it as a sign to make the move to a dedicated space. 

What started out as buying solid cars to part and resell cars that can be saved, quickly turned into a shop for all types of service and building custom cars. 

Our goal is two fold. First, become the marketplace for quality and unique items. Whether through our own production or by showcasing products from other sources, is the destination for German car owners. Second, become the location for high quality cars, whether for routine maintenance or sky is the limit custom cars. 

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