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About Us


So, who are we? Levent, Aleksey, and Turk are our given names. We are, in simpler terms, people who are nuts about cars, specifically 80's German cars. We are living a dream, or as some people will say, taking the risky path of turning a passion into a business.

The company was formed in early 2009, driven by Turk's relocation to New Jersey, combined with Levent running out of space for cars and parts at his residence. When a local garage became available, we saw it as a sign to make a move to a dedicated space.

What started as buying cars, some to harvest parts from and others that we fixed and resold, quickly turned into a full-service shop that performs routine repairs and maintenance and builds custom cars as well.


Our goal is two-fold. First, become the one-stop-shop for OE, aftermarket, performance, rare and unique items. Through our own production and by showcasing products from our partners, is the parts source for European car owners.

Second, become the hub for high-quality cars, whether for routine maintenance or 'sky is the limit' custom cars. Having restored and modified cars ourselves, we know first-hand what it is like to be on the receiving end of poor customer service and wait weeks for parts that did not meet our expectations.

We take pride in differentiating ourselves with the following policies:

  • No surprises. Accurately describe each product and explain service to be performed
  • This is a business, and we won’t be millionaires. Offer a competitive price, get done promptly, ship quickly with reasonable shipping costs.
  • Don't live in the past. Always strive to learn new things and improve the original design. Create what isn't available while honoring the heritage.
  • Treat every car as if our own. Every car has a soul, respect it...

Be nice. No need to explain.

The Team

Levent Erhamza

Levent Erhamza

Levent started his career in the service industry. After spending eight years with Walt Disney World in Orlando, he relocated to New Jersey to work for Goldman Sachs.

A longtime car enthusiast, he opened GP+S in June of 2009, in a 1,500 sqft local shop, mainly to work on his own cars and his circle of friend's cars.

Levent has an undergrad degree from University of Wisconsin and MBA from Duke University. One of the favorite aspects of GP+S for Levent is that the shop is located ten minutes from his house. Often you will see his three daughters Abi, Emma and Bella helping at the shop.

Aleksey Korzun

Aleksey Korzun

You might know him as the guy who was featured on Jalopnik and NYT for turning his small, Brooklyn apartment into a body shop.

He decided to combine his unhealthy passion for cars and years of executive technology experience at various start-ups to build the next best thing in the automotive eCommerce space.



Stück the Guten Pit, joined the team in December of 2012. The previous owner left him wondering the streets and the local shelter rescued him.

He loves treats, sleeping on old school recaros and giving hugs.